Jamaican Black Castor Oil is tha business!

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Nature has cure of every ailment hidden in it. It has left the work of exploration on human. Over the
ages people have used different natural things to find remedies of different
problems that includes various illness and beauty solutions.  Castor oil from castor beans
is one of the human findings that’s has been in use for different medical and
beauty purposes for more than 4000 years. Castor beans were initially grown in
eastern Africa later with the arrival of slaves these beans got their way to
Jamaica where now they are grown and are used in the production of castor oil.
It is dark brown in color with a burnt odor.

Jamaican black castor oil has proved to be of a versatile nature. It has been
used by the tons as a home remedy for curing skin and hair problems, as medicine
for different body pains. A little JBCO can be good
for using in hundred ways.

JBCO for health

It can be used both
internally and externally in order to get all its benefits. If used externally
as a massage oil on body it can be really effective in providing relief to
joints pain of atrophic arthritis. If taken internally it can come in handy as a
medicine for constipation as it has laxative qualities.

Women can benefit from
Jamaican black castor oil by taking it regularly as it helps in curing
menstrual problems like menstrual disorder or excessive pain during menses.

This wonderful oil can
help you strengthen your immune system hence curing a lot of diseases.


benefits for eyes:

if you ever find yourself blinking due to pain caused by some idiotic speck of
dirt or debris quickly go and put a few drops of this oil and viola! It will
ease your pain in just no time.

Castor oil is good for soothing eye infections of various kinds. If one
suffers from eye irritation, redness of eyes or puffy eyes due to any reason a
little oil could do wonders for your eyes.

Whenever you feel tired
and your eyes are burning just dab some oil around your eyelids and close them.
The oil can act as a soothing agent for your tired eyes.

And who don’t like long
black lashes? For everyone who want their lashes to be long and black daily use
of Jamaican black castor oil will help them thicken their lashes and
growing them longer.

Jamaican black castor oil wonderful for skin:

Jamaican black Castor oil has antibacterial agents very much active in it hence
it can prove to be very useful in the solving skin issues especially infections
caused by bacteria or fungus. Irritated skin, red patches or rashes, warts and
other skin diseases can be cured by this oil. For those who suffer from dry skin
can use this oil as a moisturizer. Face, cracked heels, chapped hands and lips
often in winters can be sooth. When massaged on clean feet it can help in
relaxing from tired exhausting daily routine.

With the growing age
skin tends to become loose and get wrinkled. Jamaican black castor oil is
also very beneficial in skin tightening and can act as an anti aging formula.


Hair care with Jamaican hair oil

In today’s world when there is a lot of pollution and harmful factor that can
damage hair and scalp Jamaican black castor oil can act as your hair
savior. It can help you protect your scalp and clean it of the infections that
causes hair problems and hair loss. It is excellent to use for any purpose
concerning hair whether its is removal of dandruff or lice, moisturizing of
hair, conditioning of hair etc. when mixed with other oils like almond or
coconut it can become easy to use and easy to wash since its very thick and can
be a bit problematic while applying on hair.

Jamaican black castor oil
is good for all natural remedy. If taken in
moderate amount it has no side effects. While expecting or breast feeding women
should consult the doctor before using it Jamaican black castor oil with
all its healing and beautifying qualities is a miracle of nature.


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